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Our Experience With Bed Bugs

Palmer Pest Control offers you effective bed bug control in Florida and around. Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasites that spread quickly throughout your property and are extremely hard to notice and eradicate.
Save yourself a headache and call Palmer Pest Exterminators for an instant bed bug extermination procedure. We offer:

  • Guaranteed bed bug pest control procedures;
  • Local bed bug exterminators in all Chicago areas;
  • Advanced method of extermination.

While they don’t carry any diseases, their bites cause irritation and, in severe cases, inflammation that can lead to serious consequences. They also tend to spread quite quickly and manage to infest even the oddest of places. We offer a solution to bed bug problems that aims to solve the issue for good without costing you much.

Signs of bed bug infestations

With years of experience in bed bug treatment, the technicians we work with know exactly where to look for the signs of infestation.

Potential evidence includes not only live and dead bugs, but also:

  • faecal matter marks;
  • cast off skins;
  • whitish hatched eggs.

Another sign of bed bug presence at your home is a sweetish almond scent in your bedroom. These and many more signs are obvious to your local bed bug exterminator and he’ll manage to detect the marks if you are uncertain.

But if you’ve managed to notice any of those yourself, call us immediately for a bed bug extermination. Infestations in the early stages are easier to battle, but don’t hesitate to call us even in the most severe cases – we know how to leave your property completely pest-free, regardless of the situation!

What You Get With Our
Bed Bug Control & Removal

Comprehensive tailored

for your Florida property, provided only by certified specialists.


Upon request, the team will arrive at least 7 days after the bed bug treatment and disinfect the property, making sure it is clean and safe for you and your family.

Flexible booking

our bed bug treatment services are available at any time –weekends and evenings included, to suit your tight daily schedule!


if you choose our full-service of bed bugs control, you can request two free visits within 3 months after the first procedure for an insured bed bug extermination.


the bed bug exterminators follow the COSHH regulation (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) to protect your health, your property and your family. Where possible, we use non-toxic pesticides to minimise the impact on the environment.

Quick and discreet bed bugs extermination

we do understand the feeling of embarrassment and the frustration an infestation can cause and we know how to deal with your problem promptly and discreetly.

Advanced eradication methods
for extreme cases

we can help you even if your issue seems insolvable. For extreme bed bug infestations, we recommend our heat treatment procedure which has a 100% success rate and eradicates bed bugs like nothing else.

What to Do in Case of Bed Bugs Pest Infestation?

  • The best way to prevent a possible infestation is to keep a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping at your property. Bed bugs prefer to have warm places to hide and thrive on poor hygiene and in messy rooms.
  • In case you’ve noticed an infestation, it’s best advised to launder all of your clothes and bed linen with hot water. It’s extremely important that you put your clothes in a sealed plastic bag before getting them out of the infested room – otherwise, the bed bugs will easily spread to other parts of your property.
  • When you hire a professional bed bugs exterminator, leave your home as it is. Don’t change the temperature in your house, as this might force the insects to seek shelter. Remove all pets, including fish, from the property. During the duration of the bed bugs treatment, you must also be outside of the treated area, as the chemicals we use are lowly-toxic when airborne.

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