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Rats are one of the most invasive pest species in terms of domestic infestations. Over the past years, their population in urban areas have increased significantly. They bear illnesses and destruction and breed often, which grows the rat colony fast.

If you feel like your home is also their home and you have a rat problem, don’t hesitate to call us for an expert rat extermination. Let the South Florida professionals:

  • Assess the risk for you, your family, and your property;
  • Perform effective rat control techniques to eliminate the rodents;
  • Help you prevent future infestations and ensure a safe environment.

We’ve been dealing with rats and other pesky rodents for years and we know how to eradicate them safely. With our professional rat extermination services in Florida, your home will be rat-free again in no time.

Our Rat Extermination

Our Palmer Pest Control company in South Florida and the surrounding areas aims to help people to get rid of rat problems in an effective manner. Our experience gives us the knowledge to quickly find the rodent’s weakest spots and use them in the fight against rat infestations in homes. We know how dangerous these creatures can be to you and your home, so we make sure to achieve great results when performing our professional rat control service from the start to finish.

It is key to locate and seal all of their hiding spots because this leads to successful rat extermination. That’s why the local exterminators will check the property for any rodent-sized openings and will try to seal those to prevent the pest from entering – this takes place in every rat removal service we conduct.

How Our Rat Extermination Solves Your Problems

The pest exterminator will perform a complete check-up of your property using the latest industry equipment to locate each and every problem zone and mark it for treatment. He will assess the threat and will pick the most suitable method of rat control.

All rat entry zones will be sealed with durable materials such as expanding foam, wire wool, and other sealants to make sure no rodents will manage to escape our rat control procedures;

Your South Florida rat exterminator will then perform the proper rat removal techniques to get rid of all the pesky rodents on the premises. He will make sure that you are constantly informed during the process;

Your expert will give you some practical tips on how to avoid future infestations of rats and mice, and how to keep your home safe and pest-free.

What Happens If You Don’t Deal With a Rat Problem

  • In the event of rat infestation, it’s always the best to contact a local rat exterminator. The usage of traps isn’t an effective way of dealing with an infestation because they target individual specimens. This doesn’t affect the population at all.

    A full-blown rat infestation leads to costly repairs because rats cause immense property damage that leaves big holes not only in your walls but in your pockets as well. Moreover, getting a successful rat treatment from any rat control company becomes quite expensive as the infestation grows.

    It’s best if you deal with the rodents when you first spot the signs of their presence.

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